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Carlos Romero, Advisor.

Carlos Romero Rodríguez, CEO and Founder of the renowned company "Gestmadrid Asset Management Investment Spain", joins our extensive list of Advisors. At Tokenhome, we want to dedicate this post to his presentation, where we will present his great professional career.

Born in August 1971, in Madrid, he began his academic discipline at Federico García Lorca CP where he studied primary school. He graduated in primary studies in 84, and began his Professional Training as a Drafting Technician, which ends the first and second stage, receiving the title of Specialist Drafting Technician in Buildings and Constructions.

His academic training continues for several years, and in which we can highlight his degree in Executive MBA for Administration (Camilo José Cela University, 2006), Master in Marketing and Development (Centro de Estudios CEF, 2008) or Business Administration (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2009), Diploma in Operational Tourism (Formatik, 2011), Management Development (ESAD Spain, 2012), among others.
It was in 1991, where he founded the renowned "Gestmadrid Asset Management Investment Spain", where its main function is the management of real estate assets, with the aim of offering the final customer a transparent analysis, and which allows reducing the risk of the investment. This system is achieved by providing an independent evaluation, and reviewing the existence of possible hidden problems or contingencies in all areas of study or review. In addition to this activity, the company offers various services related to the real estate sector, such as asset management, first phases of analysis and diagnostics, study and economic analysis of real estate portfolios, real estate consulting of management and use, advice and predictive support in the urban management, pre-purchase reports, profitability in simple operations, among others.


CEO and Business Advisor, in Legalmadrid Abogados S.L, another one of the companies with more than 10 years of existence, where Mr. Carlos Romero, puts his legal experience, politics and organization at the service of individuals, companies or entities of any order. Legalmadrid Abogados SL, covers a wide range of legal services, from business law, with advice to start or incorporate a company, to criminal law, civil litigation, assets, wills, intellectual property laws, estate planning ... Everything you need in the legal field, directed and oriented for any type of person or company.

And finally, we named the company Gestmadrid S.L., of which he is CEO and Business Advisor since 2009, which offers direct advice for companies in creation, new companies, companies in decline and companies in closing processes. They carry out direct studies, "aggressive in time-out", and helps in the processes such as managing the necessary changes to cover the needs in the company, according to the selected program.

No doubt a brilliant file, of which we have only highlighted some of the most relevant data.

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