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Spain is one of the reference countries selected by international tourism. Its pleasant climate and its extensive range of services has caused Spain to be considered the best country in the world to go on vacation according to the Tourism and Travel Competitiveness report, prepared in 2.017 with data from the World Tourism Organization and the Council of World Travel and Tourism.

For this reason, during 2.017 Spain registered an increase of international tourists of 8.9% compared to 2.016, reaching 82 million tourists; according to Turespaña data and Frontur and Egatur statistics from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Revenues from tourism reverted during 2.017, close to 87,000 million euros, 12.15% more than in the year 2016 according to INE data.

The Costa del Sol in Malaga is one of the best destinations for foreign tourism because of its excellence. The weather, its beaches, fairs, museums, festivals or the Holy Week are tourist attractions that do not go unnoticed by national and international tourists. Malaga’s tourism has a strong timeless component, as shown by the data for this month of January 2,018 in which records were broken by exceeding 240,000 hotel travelers, representing 8.1% more than in the previous year, as reported by the Council of Malags in a press release.

Obviously these data affect both the hotel market and the real estate market. The statistics point to the province of Malaga as a clear example of the recovery of the real estate sector in Spain. During 2017, a total of 30,300 property sales were registered, exceeding the data of 2,016 by 14.6%; according to the figures published by the College of Registrars.

These data suggest encouraging expectations for the future regarding the increase in the number of tourists and their preference for the territory. At Token Home we have considered feasible and necessary to adapt the real estate offer to the current and future demand of tourism; so we have considered Malaga a city with an incredible potential to develop our real estate project, in which the expected objectives in terms of investment and profitability will undoubtedly be achieved.